Hiring Hall


If you receive a lay off, it is your responsibility to notify the Local. Your employer will not. 


Members are added to the Hiring Hall list on the date you notify the Local. You must be in good standing, with your safety courses all up to date in order to be added and dispatched.


Members can find their own employment with a signatory contractor, but must notify the local before they start work. In addition, the Hiring Hall is for members who are ready to work. If you are leaving on a vacation and are not available, do not add your name to be contacted for work. 


The Local Hiring Hall will communicate with you when your number is next to be called (the list functions by priority of oldest date put on list) 


A member may have the right to solicit employers for employment directly under the terms and conditions of the 50/50 Hiring Hall policy. 


TIP: Members with their Security Clearances are in high demand. Ask the Local for copies of the forms to complete. We will sponsor your clearance which lasts a full 10 years and can be transferred to any site which requires it.